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With over 90 years of experience, we know what we talk about when it comes to trailers and semi-trailers. We started building Jumbo trailers back in 1927, the first Groenewegen trailer was built in 1931. We make high end products, robustly built to last for decades. A large part of trailers and semi-trailers produced by Jumbo Groenewegen can still be found on the Dutch highways, our prove we provide quality.


The Jumbo brand originated in 1927, when the first generation Van der Meulen started producing trailers. The “Jumbo” product line mainly includes special trailers and semi-trailers that are built to last for decades. The Jumbo B-doubles and other LCV solutions are indispensable in the Dutch street scene.


The Groenewegen brand was founded in Rotterdam in 1931 and was for many years one of the top 3 largest players in the Dutch market. The “Groenewegen” logo shines on vehicles that are built for the transporter in need of a traditional, robust standard trailer. This includes sliding curtain trailers with hardwood floor, heavy duty container chassis and especially our flagship product, the Groenewegen plywood trailer.

Even the strongest vehicles require maintenance and MOT

Jumbo Groenewegen produces high quality trailers and trailers and are known for their long service life. But even the strongest vehicles require maintenance which, among other things, ensures a longer service life. We provide service and maintenance for Jumbo Groenewegen trailers and semi-trailers, but also for other brands.

Jumbo Groenewegen also provides your MOT, for your trailer or semi-trailer. Our inspectors are ready to test your vehicle (s) according to current regulations. In the unlikely event of a repair, we will immediately fix this, in consultation with you.

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