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About Jumbo Groenewegen

Over 90 years of experience

Groep Jumbo Groenewegen

The headquarters of Jumbo Factory of Trailers and Semi-trailers are located in Helmond and embraces the development department, prototype construction, bodywork construction, sales and service. The Jumbo Groenewegen Group B.V. delivers high-quality trailersfor the top segment of the market. It is no coincidence that a large number, more than 80%, of all produced Jumbo and Groenewegen vehicles still being used daily.


The Jumbo brand originated in 1927, when the first generation Van der Meulen started producing trailers. The “Jumbo” product line mainly includes special trailers and custom trailers that are built to last for decades. In addition, the Jumbo B-doubles and other LCV solutions are indispensable in the Dutch street scene.


The Groenewegen brand was founded in Rotterdam in 1931 and was for many years one of the top 3 largest players on the Dutch market. The “Groenewegen” logo is mainly on the vehicles that are built for the transporter who needs a traditional, robust standard trailer. This includes curtain siders with hardwood floor, heavy duty container chassis; and especially our flagship product, the Groenewegen plywood trailer.

On our YouTube channel you can find videos of Jumbo Groenewegen with demonstrations about the use of our trailers. Among other things, it shows how an LCV container combination can be used. On the channel you can also see how a double extendible trailer from Jumbo Groenewegen should be used. More videos will be added over time. If there are certain wishes with regard to demonstration videos, please let us know.

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