You can drive a LCV combination with a Dolly between the box truck and the trailer
For a fleet consisting of box trucks and trailers
High of low coupled

Dolly, Jumbo Groenewegen LCV combination

Jumbo Groenewegen can supply both a 1-axle and a 2-axle dolly. In addition, both a low coupled and a high coupled dolly can be supplied. A dolly is particularly suitable if your current fleet consists of trucks and trailers. By placing a dolly between the box truck and the trailer, you can start driving with a LCV combination.



High or low coupled

The pulling vehicle determines the height and length of the drawbar. The driving characteristics of both versions vary considerably. A low coupled dolly has the towing eye (pivot) as close as possible to the rear axle of the motor vehicle. This drives much more pleasantly and safely than a high-coupled dolly, whose towing eye is much further from the rear axle of the motor vehicle.


When driving in the (undesirable) situation of empty or light at the front, and heavy and the rear, a highly coupled dolly will want to influence the rear of the motor vehicle. This situation should be avoided as much as possible.

A low-coupled dolly is also preferred when loading with an LCV combination, because the gap in this embodiment can be shorter than with an high-coupled dolly.


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Groenewegen Premium

The Groenewegen Premium, from and for the professional. Still made with a lot of manual work, no series work, but solid, robust craftsmanship. The Groenewegen premium has a hardwood floor, with galvanised steel omega profiles. A steel tear plate has been mounted over the entire width, over the last 480mm of the floor. This tear plate has reinforced support by means of extra sleepers. The headboard is reinforced with galvanised support and a steel baffle plate. The plywood walls are set in anodised aluminium profiles. At the rear, the Premium is equipped with doors, which are also reinforced with anodised aluminium frames. The chassis is preserved with a 150 mµ thick two-component high built zinc phosphate epoxy lacquer. The Premium has an average lifespan of 25 years.