Jumbo Groenewegen LZV combination

Specialists in the LZV when a B-Double or Dolly is used

Jumbo Groenewegen LZV combinations

An LZV is an extra long and heavier truck combination with a maximum length of 25,25 meters and a maximum of 60 tons (in the Netherlands). Please note, in other countries the laws and regulations regarding LZV differ from the Netherlands. Jumbo Groenewegen specialises in the LZV combination, using a B-Double or a Dolly.

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Specialists in the LZV combinations

Jumbo Groenewegen specialises in the LZV combinations, using a B-Double or a Dolly. The main advantage of an LZV combination is that fuel consumption hardly rises, which saves a lot of fuel per 1000 kg of freight. Among other things, LZV is also called the eco combination.

LZV: B-Double

The Jumbo Groenewegen B-Doubles are equipped with a trailing swivel axle, to meet the legal turning circle. The axle set is extendable and secured, in a way that it cannot be driven without securing the axle set. The B-Doubles are very robust and user-friendly. The B-doubles can be executed as a curtain slider, a plywood construction or as a container chassis.

LZV: Dolly

A dolly is particularly suitable of your current fleet consists of trucks and trailers. By placing a dolly between the box truck and the trailer, you can start driving a LZV combination. Jumbo Groenewegen offers a 1-axle and 2-axles Dolly, in both a low and high coupled version.

LZV laws and regulations

Driving a LZV combination is subject to laws and regulations, with Dutch laws and regulations also differing from other countries. In the Netherlands there are some restrictions in regard to transport with LZV combinations. For instance, it’s only allowed to drive on routes released by the RDW and driving is not allowed in fog or other extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, there is a general overtaking prohibition for LZV combinations and the driver must have an additional driving course (and successfully completed the test).


In addition, there are a number of technical requirements for LZV combinations. These requirements are mainly for the braking system, mirrors, axle load measurement system and the mention of extra long transport and the back of the combination. Do you have questions or are you in need of advice regarding a LZV combination or which combination suits you the best? Please contact us, we will gladly provide you with advice.

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Jumbo Groenewegen, specialists in the LZV when a B-Double or Dolly is used

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