Standard curtainsider

Built for durable and intensive use
Available in several variants
Various axles types

A Jumbo Groenewegen standard curtainsider, designed and built for sustainable and intensive use, in many different transport purposes. The standard length for the standard variant is 13600mm. Are you looking for a shorter semi trailer, we refer to our city trailers.

Axles possibilities

The standard curtainsider can be supplied with 2 or 3 axles, with rigid or steering axles. We offer different variants in steering axles, with swivelled axles or forced steering with a rod or steering cables. We also offer a possibility with a steered first and third axle, the so-called GreenSteering. With GreenSteering a perfect steering angle is within reach and we reccommend our environmentally conscious solution, the Euro 7.


Floor options

The standard curtainsider can be equipped with a multiplex wooden floorboard or a hardwood floorboard, with omega profiles. With both variants you can opt to provide the first part of the loading floor with steel tear plates. Of course the floor is sufficiently supported to be able to support a light forklift for loading and unloading.


The rear

We offer various options for the curtainsider rear, flat sandwich doors are standard fitted. These doors are equipped with a galvanised plate on the in- and outside. For easy loading and unloading, you can also opt for a sliding or a closing liftgate. A connection for a truck mounted forklift is also a possibility.



By default, the chassis is preserved via the KTL with the zinc phosphating method. The finish is powder coated in black RAL 9005. Alternatively you can opt to preserve the chassis by blasting it and then using a two component high build zinc phosphate epoxy paint in a colour of your choice.

Standard curtainsider specifications


Steering option
Rigid, Tridec TD or GreenSteering
Internal length
Internal height
Internal width
Maximum weight (front)
12.000kg or 15.000kg (depending on variant)
Maximum weight (back)
Maximum weight (total)
39.000kg of 42.000kg (depending on variant)
Floor finish
Hardwood floor with galvanised omega profiles


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Designed and built for sustainable and intensive use

Our standard curtainsider has been designed and built for sustainable and intensive use. To be used for many different transport purposes. A Jumbo Groenewegen curtainsider can be supplied in several variants.

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Groenewegen Optima

Our price fighter, a solid trailer with a plate floor, that can be driven over with a forklift up to 9 tons, a capacity of 91.9 m3 and a maximum total weight of 39 tons. The walls are made of 20 mm plywood panels, reinforced with polyester inner and outer layers. On the inside, the bottom walls are equipped with a 350mm high baffle plate. The Optima has an average lifespan of 12 years.

Groenewegen Optima Plus

The Groenewegen Optima Plus has a hardwood floor, with galvanised steel omega profiles. In addition, the inside is extra robust with a reinforced headboard with steel baffle plates. The trailer is equipped with galvanised corner posts and heavy steel fenders in the corners. The 4mm edge profile is provided with fixing holes. The Optima Plus has an average lifespan of 15 years.

Groenewegen Premium

The Groenewegen Premium, from and for the professional. Still made with a lot of manual work, no series work, but solid, robust craftsmanship. The Groenewegen premium has a hardwood floor, with galvanised steel omega profiles. A steel tear plate has been mounted over the entire width, over the last 480mm of the floor. This tear plate has reinforced support by means of extra sleepers. The headboard is reinforced with galvanised support and a steel baffle plate. The plywood walls are set in anodised aluminium profiles. At the rear, the Premium is equipped with doors, which are also reinforced with anodised aluminium frames. The chassis is preserved with a 150 mµ thick two-component high built zinc phosphate epoxy lacquer. The Premium has an average lifespan of 25 years.

Steersystem options


A cable controlled mechanical control system in which the axels can be controlled using a steel cable. All possible axle configurations can be a steering option, one axle, two axles or with three axles, the first and third axles.

Rigid axle

A rigid axle is not steered, a trailer equipped with these axles can only go straight ahead. Ideal for transport one the highway, where the majority of journeys are straight ahead. A rigid axle is available in many variants, Jumbo Groenewegen opts for axles from BPW or SAF. The required carrying axle capacity can be determined in consultation.

Tridec Rod

Rod steering is a mechanical steering system, in which the rear axle of a one, two or three axle trailer is steered by means of a connection bar. It’s also possible to steer the last two axles with a three axles trailer. Roundabouts are easier to use and inner cities are more accessible with a semi-trailer equipped with this steering system.