Service and maintenance

To preserve your trailers’ lifespan

Even the strongest vehicles require maintenance

Jumbo Groenewegen produces high quality trailers and semi-trailers and are known for their long service life. But even the strongest vehicles require maintenance and MOT, which, among other things, ensures a longer service life. Everyone is welcome at our workspace, we also provide maintenance for other brands.

Also for the MOT of your trailer or semi-trailer you are at the right place. Our inspectors are ready to test your vehicle(s) according to current regulations. In the unlikely event there is a repair point, we will immediately fix this in consultation with you.

Our service options

MOT and maintenance

Jumbo Groenewegen can arrange for the periodic inspection of your trailer. This legal obligation is performed by our well-trained inspectors.

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Modification Diagnosis and Repair

Jumbo Groenewegen has the required knowledge, material, staff and machines to meet all your requirements. Whether this concerns a modification, diagnosis or damage repair, Jumbo Groenewegen ensures that your vehicle can get back on the road as quickly as possible. It is also possible that a trailer must undergo a new MOT inspection due to a modification or repair. This is arranged directly by Jumbo Groenewegen.

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Many hauliers still have their own service workshop. For this group of customers it is of vital importance to have a reliable, fast and well-stocked supplier close to home. Jumbo Groenewegen supplies almost all conceivable trailer components, quickly and reliably.

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Full service contract

Total piece of mind, that’s what we go for with our full service contracts. A full service contract with Jumbo Groenewegen includes: lease, maintenance, repair, tires and 24-hour emergency service.

We arrange a customised lease contract with a reputable leasing company for you. We ensure that you get clarity about the conditions and costs associated with a lease contract.

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MOT and maintenance

We immediately resolve any problems

Immediately remedied

Should the MOT inspection reveal that your trailer would be rejected at a certain point, this can, in consultation with you, be remedied immediately.

Extend the service life

Our engineers provide you with useful information to make the life of your trailer as long as possible

Modification Diagnosis and Repair

In-house knowledge


All modifications of your vehicle are negotiable with us. We have many years of experience in various fields, from converting the braking system or adjusting suspension systems to length changes to the vehicle. With the modifications carried out by Jumbo Groenewegen you can rest assured that your trailer meets your needs and will serve you for years to come.


For the diagnosis of your Wabco or Knorr ABS-EBS or Ecas system we have the right reading equipment. We can quickly see how your trailer is performing. If there are certain recommendations based on the diagnosis, we will discuss the diagnosis with you and propose a plan of action to get your trailer back in optimum condition.

Damage repair

You are also at the right address with us for the complete repair of your vehicle. Minor repairs can often be repaired within a day, keeping your downtime to a minimum. Larger repairs will be carried out in consultation with you. Often there is a time path of a few days which is communicated in advance. We will inform you clearly what work will be done and what the costs are. If during the repair it appears that extra work is being created, this will be communicated to you immediately.


Premium brands in stock

In stock

Available parts include:

  • Lighting
  • Mud flaps
  • Hinges and locks
  • Body parts
  • Buffers


We have the most common parts in stock directly in our warehouse, but for less common parts we have selected suppliers, who guarantee a fast delivery time.

Only premium brands

Jumbo Groenewegen almost exclusively uses premium brands for parts deliveries. The use of reliable premium brands guarantees quality and a longer lifespan can be achieved with quality.


Our parts are from renowned premium brands such as:

  • Wabco
  • Knorr
  • BPW
  • SAF
  • Hella
  • Jost
Full service contract

Compleet ontzorgt

Periodic maintenance

We can schedule periodic maintenance for all your trailers, so they are always in good condition and the downtime for maintenance is minimal. This maintenance usually takes place in our workshop in Helmond. When it is desirable, maintenance can also be done on site.

The tires are also covered by the service contract with Jumbo Groenewegen, tires must be in good condition at all times. At Jumbo Groenewegen this is part of the standard service.


If something unexpected happens with your trailer, we have 4 support point in the Benelux. We offer 24-hour emergency service from these support points.


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