Sliding tarpaulin trailer

Great loading flexibility and protected transportation
1,2 or 3 axles
Star, Tridec or GreenSteering axles
Reach truck frame optional
Equipped with a sliding roof, for loading and unloading from above

Jumbo Groenewegen sliding tarpaulin trailer

Combine the advantages of an accessible loading floor and a covered trailer, with our sliding tarpaulin trailer. Your load is fully protected against the weather elements during transport. With our sliding tarpaulin trailer you opt for dry and clean transport, with a completely covered load.

Our sliding tarpaulin trailer portfolio

Easy loading and unloading

The loading floor is easily accessible on all sides, for quick and easy loading and unloading. The sail can be fully retracted on both sides, making the floor fully accessible, the main advantage of a curtain slider. This makes a sliding tarpaulin trailer ideal for loading and unloading with a forklift.


In addition, there is no need to work with the ‘First in, last out’ principle, which saves a lot of time. Because the loading floor is completely accessible, you can load and unload evenly along the entire length of the trailer.


Finally, the sliding tarpaulin trailer is equipped with a sliding roof, which enables loading and unloading from above. The trailer is optionally equipped with a rear-loading tail gate, a sliding tail gate or a truck mounted forklift connection.

Sustainability and flexibility

Our sliding tarpaulin trailer is characterised by its durable materials, associated long lifespan and great flexibility in loading and unloading. The sail is made of durable materials and has a high end finish. The trailer can be widely used, due to the many loading (and unloading) possibilities. Depending on the chosen variant, the trailer has a minimum service life of 12 to even 25 years. In addition to the execution choices between a Optima, Optima Plus and the Groenewegen Premium, we can supply many different variants.


In addition to the 1-axle or 2-axles City variants, we also offer 2-axles or 3-axles rigid variants with the standard sliding tarpaulin trailer and the Euro 7, the most environmental choice in semi trailers on the Dutch market. Steered axles are very common and are most often chosen with a Groenewegen Premium or Optima Plus. A steered axle can be either Tridec or GreenSteering. Of course the trailer can be provided with a rear loading tail gate, a sliding tail gate or a truck mounted forklift.

Which sliding tarpaulin trailer will be yours?

Our semi trailer can be widely used due to the loading and unloading possibilities and the various types of transport. Depending on the chosen variant, the trailer has a service lifespan of 12 years, even up to 25 years.

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